Sunday, June 19, 2011

A son-in-law to love

My boyfriend just showed me a fun article that was titled “Meet The Parents: Male celebs you can bring home to dad”. Everybody knows dad is the most critical when it comes to daughter’s partner. My dad was also suspicious about TK.

When I told my parents I’ve fallen in love, mom asked me several questions about the guy and she was pleased with what she heard. Dad reacted first to the part “fallen in love” and suggested I should rather say “I have a crush”. But, I was saying things as they were.

My parents now agree I’ve chosen a good man, and why would anybody disagree? He is a devoted man like the heroes in romantic Asian dramas. To me he is perfect, and I wish all girls would understand they deserve such a good man, who is perfect for them.

I don’t know if there is the right one for all of us, or whether love at first sight is true. Maybe any relationship is successful if people work for it. Perhaps the secret is that dreams of relationship need to be similar. What I think is that both have to be willing to stay together through good and bad. It’s in the marriage vow, too.

(This is part of Minna and TK’s story, other parts are "The Beginning", “A new fantastic point of view... ♫♫” and “Heart to Heart”.)

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