Sunday, May 8, 2011

The beginning

Why is there no lesson in the school that teaches us how to get the love we look for so desirably? If there is such lesson, many students would definitely sign up for it enthusiastically; I’ll study very hard to understand all to be taught and all to be shared with me. However, it is too difficult to teach people about love because every couple comes together in their very unique way. Everybody feels loved differently and perhaps only the one right for you would do best “teaching and learning” love together with you, not a school teacher.

I decided to start looking for love after my completion of undergraduate study. I was then like a little boy who is too proud of own academic achievement and did not understand anything in the world of love.

I watched “Thor” (Marvel Studios, 2011) today (7th May 2011) and the development of Thor from an impulsive boy to a wise man with patience and wisdom is very educational and motivational. Many guys grow physically into an adult first and still bear the impulsiveness of a boy, until some meaningful experience is encountered, a boy slowly learn about the world and transform into a man.

In the world of romantic love, what do I need to do? How should I look? Where should I look and when do I take action? Perhaps there is no one else more clueless than me. I was naïvely thinking that several phone calls or msn messages can possibly get me a happy and lasting relationship.

Attempts were made trying to call up attractive girls. Sometimes I could made appointments and most of the time they are disappointments. I was told that if a girl would go out alone with you it is obvious that she likes you. Well, you guessed it. I didn’t manage to date anyone for a proper outing other than a simple meal.

Jennie, an attractive and popular girl who dances well, my pursuit ended when I realized her heart had not been with me ever. Shanny, a girl with good badminton skill; my pursuit ended while she joint the cheerleading team and found her boyfriend there.

“The one belongs to you is always with you, you don’t need to find her too hard. You should just open up your social circle and she would most probably appear.” I told myself. Thanks to Shanny while I was in one-sided love with her, I worked hard to find out what are the things to do and not to do for my love one. All the blessings then should go to another girl whom I’m more suitable to.

I started joining activities I never joined before. I was a choir singer in my secondary school but I didn’t join choir again. I joined Frisbee training, which is a mixed sport; I joined Outdoor Adventure Club for their outings; I joined scuba diving trip and have got my open water diving license. In all these I was hoping to see someone really right. I didn’t get into the main school team in Frisbee; scuba diving trip was expensive and not as fun as it is thought to be and I felt some loneliness too because I went alone and others went with their friends. Now I agree so much that having a brother (good friend) to go out together is so much better, and I understand this need for my girlfriend’s single friends when they need her.

Then I decided not to waste time anymore, not to waste energy and not to waste money for this endless pursuit anymore. I shall focus on my graduate research study. Do what I like and what can develop me into a better person. I jog and swim regularly, I focus on my research work and I make Youtube video of my singing when I have free time.
Production of songs on Youtube serves 2 purposes for me, one is to practice my interest in singing and to showcase my training in vocalization; another purpose is to look for people of similar interest on Youtube as friends. Persistently produced some songs for a period of time, my Youtube account had a collection of perhaps 12 songs then.

One day I was browsing for like-minded friends on Youtube who are also singing cover like me. I was searching in this song called “A Whole New World”. A theme song of a popular Disney animated film Aladdin. This film is not something I watch during my childhood, but I was introduced with this film buy a female friend who once jogged with me regularly for a semester. I found a guy singing only the male part of the songs and some girls used his recording to record cover. Many of them do not have particularly outstanding performance. I happen to navigate away from the song to listen to another guy singing. From his Youtube profile picture, he seems Asian, perhaps Vietnamese and he’s got a muscular built. “Ohh!! This guy is pathetic, how can he sing so poorly and still upload to Youtube” I was thinking. I become interested in this guy due to his confidence and courage. In his page, I find a girl who asked him to sing duet with her. Wondering how this girl’s voice would be, I followed the link to listen to this girl, whose Youtube name is minnaslyfan.

Wow!! How could this beautiful voice have asked a pathetic voice to sing duet with her! I was very shocked after listening to minnaslyfan’s singing. I saw a cheerful person with crisp voice. I had then browsed through more of her videos and I found “A Whole New World” again. It is a song I wanted to sing duet with someone who sings well and is not shy to publicize her singing. I started to write a request to this girl. And this is how we have made our first contact. 

To be continued…



  1. Lovely writing, just lovely....! :')


  2. Thank you Emma for reading and commenting! It is written by heart.
    Thank you for being a follower too!! (: