Monday, May 23, 2011

A new fantastic point of view... ♫♫

Hi all!♫

As you read you can try and spot all the animated film song lyrics I hid. ;D

When I was a young girl I used to dream of a handsome and brave man who would come to me and make all my dreams come true. We would live happily ever after; loving each other like nothing else mattered. As I grew older and I actually started dating, I soon realized life didn’t seem like a fairy tale. I was just happy when somebody told me he loved me, and even with all his flaws and our incompatibility I wanted to show the world I'd stay with the man. I was unhappy in my relationships and I made mistakes. I should’ve easily realized my behavior indicated my feelings of needing something else. Guess I was too persistent in trying to make it work when it was clear it didn’t.

Slowly I realized I was forgetting my dreams. A dream is a wish your heart makes, and you should always listen with your heart. Finally understanding this, I decided to live alone and get to know myself before getting to know my future husband. I told myself; some day my prince will come if I wait for the right time.

I didn’t have to wait for long.

In addition to my background story I should tell you I’ve uploaded my singing on YouTube and I’ve uploaded a cover of A Whole New World. This is where a prince in disguise comes in. Once upon a December I got a private message on YouTube. Kennytktk was interested in singing the above mentioned song with me. His approach was very polite and I got the feeling he was very enthusiastic in making a duet and he wanted to convince me to do it with him. I didn’t think one moment of not doing it. I was very flattered he liked my singing enough to ask me to sing with him.

Listening to his singing, I liked his voice and his likes in music. Learning he’s Asian, I was very eager to learn about Asian culture from him and so I hit him with questions and many sentences showing him I’m very happy to know him. Thinking back he should’ve been freaked out by my spontaneous mails. But, we both enjoyed the time we spent writing to each other, and the time was right to meet someone special. This is how I feel about it.

At the beginning our communication was of course just friendly and there was no romantic tone first. Maybe we both felt something earlier than either of us said anything, but I guess we were both a little scared, neither one prepared. It’s hard to say when we fell in love completely, or maybe it was a loving relationship right from the beginning.

Here I am, writing my point of view of our story to our blog. Wondering if my writing is any good compared to his wonderful text, pondering if it’s too personal to be written here. But, people want to share joyful and essential things in their life, and what could be more joyful and essential to me than our love?

Thank you for reading! All comments and followers make us very happy 



  1. Hey loved reading your story...welcome aboard the A-Train....glad you met your significant other:)

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! I'm glad you enjoyed!

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  3. I found lyrics: "some day my prince will come" and "Once upon a December". ;)

  4. And of course the headline is from Aladdin.. ;)