Saturday, May 21, 2011

Following Minna’s welcome message

Welcome! As starting material of this blog, I’m going to share our love story in a micro-story form. It will consist of 3 episodes in our blog.

Both Minna and I are pretty spontaneous persons. We do come up with things randomly but one thing doesn’t change: all are about love. Some examples include love of movie, love of Asian culture, love of Finnish culture, stuffs related to celebrities, stuffs related to important events in our lives or even some excitement after watching a sporting event that makes you feel love for your country. Surely sometimes we are also going to share about dislikes because only if there are things that we dislike, we like the things we like more and more, and this is love.

Do you have a watch?

Opps, how can I ask something so random to our readers when I’ve been talking about our blog!! This is how random we can be! The question is one of our private jokes. No explanation needed, Minna and I would both grin when we hear the question. Private joke is an important part in the bonds formed by loving couples. If you like to joke or if you like reading jokes, we welcome you to share yours!

We hope this blog can become a platform for our readers and us to share about love and life. All comments are welcomed. All readers are welcomed, singles or couples. We will revert to your comments and it is our pleasure to make friends with you!

We will post our blogs in various forms such as random write up, true micro story or fictitious micro story. Enjoy reading! Enjoy commenting! Enjoy sharing!

If you’d like to comment and don’t know what to share, it is good too to share with us whether you have a watch, seriously!



  1. You write well, TK. It's nice to read your texts. :) I'm really looking forward to hear more about your love story!

    And don't bother, if I write bad english, it's just so much easier to speak it. :)


  2. Thank you Emma for all your wonderful comments and following our blog! He really writes well, doesn't he? ;)