Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taking off

Hi! I know we have been passive with this blog. More like I've been passive. I need readers and comments to keep posting. TK says I'm too dependant on you, but I say I'm not publishing things on the Internet for myself. It's for sharing with everyone. Anyway, I know you need interesting posts to keep reading and commenting, and I hope we can offer you that! Please have a good time with us.^^

The thing is, we'll have more interesting stories to post now that I'll be travelling to Asia to stay with TK. We'll be travelling in Singapore, Malaysia and Chengdu in China. So exciting! I've been to Singapore once before to meet him. Malaysia and China will be completely new experiences for me.

I went to the bank yesterday to get my Singapore dollars. Of course this is just a part of it. My parents taught me not to show off my money, haha. Having packed and having the correct currency in my wallet I really feel the reality of taking off soon. My flight is already the day after tomorrow!

My flight day is Friday 13th, the day that in my culture is known as the day of bad luck. But, I'm not worried. TK said to me "It's not a bad luck day in Singapore, so fly safe here."


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