Saturday, September 22, 2012

Asia is where you find everything cute and delicious

Some things are just so different in Asia if you compare to Europe..

You don't eat pancake with jam but with kaya! And of course, you enjoy the snack with some English tea from Chinese cups if you don't have Chinese tea.

You can buy bubble tea in every corner, and it's cheap.

You can find ice cream, chips.. lots of products with a handsome idol's face on it.^^

When something is under construction, they actually have a picture of a worker bowing and holding a sign saying "Please excuse us for the temporary inconvenience". How nice!

Almost everything is a bit cuter in Asia! Popular cute characters can be found everywhere.

Monks at the airport!

Those are some of the things that I find interesting when travelling in Asia. I wish I had more patience to plan more interesting posts, but I hope you can get something out  of this! Please ask any questions if you have.


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