Monday, October 3, 2011

Making A Whole New World (Cover)

It is such a delightful thing to share with all of you the product of our voice and our love. Now don’t get me wrong, this product of our love is our cover of the song A Whole New World but not anything else. Thank you all for listening to the song, if you have not, you can listen to it here on our blog.

More than 8 months have elapsed since the first conception of making the song together. The joy of producing it and the quality of the product were prioritized against the time used to produce it. It is a dream comes true to me that it is a success and both of us are happy in the process and after making the video. Many of our friends, relatives and family members have commented positively and with enthusiasm. I cannot be more grateful!

The video is not as simple as it seems. It took our individual practices and our combined effort. Minna has practiced well singing the song. She could remember the lyrics by heart and she had taken many takes of her solo for evaluation and improvement. Finally we could take the video together and take the voices using condenser microphone. I did the audio cleaning, mixing and video production.

The day we took our video, we were both not in a mood cheerful enough for producing such a lovely and cheerful singing. I was considering whether it was a good time to take the video. I remember Minna encouraged me by saying that it is this song that we should produce it professionally regardless of how our personal feelings were. Those words were one of the success factors of the video. For sure, the success I said does not mean that the video has become very popular now, but I do feel proud about it because of all the positive comments we’ve got.

I like all parts of our video: the sound quality, the video quality and our performance. I like the camera we used for making the video. It is one of the gifts Minna gave me on my birthday. Of course, the most important gift from her this birthday is her company and her celebrating with me and the quality time we spent together. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for reading this post. We’d be delighted to see your comments too!



  1. Yeah, the video shows you two put in a lot of effort in it. You two are such a lovely couple with very good voice :D Keep it up :)

  2. Thank you Max! Your words are very encouraging to us, we'll certainly keep it up. (: